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Introduction to Basic Banking

In this course you will learn how to choose the right account for your needs, ways to reduce fees and steps on how to open an account.


Why Filing Taxes in Canada Is a Good Idea

The information provided on this module is simple and basic information and not provided by an accountant. We recommend strongly to seek advice from a tax expert for any tax questions or contact the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) directly.


Loans: Costs and Obligations

A loan gives you access to the cash you need today, and lets you repay those funds over a period of time. In exchange for this convenience, you’ll need to pay extra fees in the form of interest.


Debt Smarts

According to Statistics Canada data from 2023, the average Canadian owes about $1.85 for every dollar of after-tax income they earn each year.


Building a Healthy Credit History

In this course you will learn about why your credit history matters to you and simple steps to build your credit score.

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