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Building financial knowledge, skills and confidence for communities across Canada.

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About EOTO

Each One, Teach One workshops help Canadians increase their financial knowledge, skills and confidence.

About EOTO

Each One, Teach One (EOTO) workshops are facilitated by volunteer certified trainers from partner credit unions in your local community.

Sessions provide basic and plain language financial knowledge, without ties to any products or services, with the sole goal of empowering individuals to make the right financial decisions for themselves and their families.

Our Workshops

EOTO workshops provide the education and tools for Canadians to confidently take control of their financial decisions, goals and plans.

Developed by professionals

Our materials and courses have been developed by subject matter experts and are regularly updated with the most up-to-date content.

10+ years of experience

EOTO workshops have been helping Canadians increase their financial knowledge, skills and confidence since 2008.

Important financial topics

Our content covers broad range of important financial topics such as RRSPs, home ownership, budgeting basics, and so much more. Modules are available on-demand, or as in-person or online workshops.

400+ certified trainers

Our certified trainers from over 92 credit unions and partner organizations have delivered thousands of workshops to more than 24,000 Canadians across Canada since 2017.


What EOTO partners have to say about the program

The Each One Teach One workshops are well designed, engaging, and informative. Whether it’s a senior who is better prepared to avoid a potential fraud situation or an attendee who wants to re-join the workforce and needs help with basic budgeting or building a healthy credit history, if I can even reach one person at each session and make a difference in their lives, then I’ve achieved my goal. I truly enjoy facilitating Each One Teach One workshops and supporting this very important program that truly has a positive impact to the local communities that we serve.

John Kiser
EOTO Trainer & Regional Manager,
Business Banking at Libro Credit Union

I’ve been a coach since 2015 and Assiniboine Credit Union (ACU) has trained over 40 staff to deliver financial literacy. We have a network of over 42 community partners who we work with to learn from and share our knowledge with. I feel many families have benefited from the workshops, I know my family would have if EOTO was around back then. We would have had the knowledge, strength and confidences to negotiate and ask questions; my family would have struggled less.

Mani Sheppard-Luangkhot
EOTO Trainer & Manager,
Financial Access Programs at ACU

People quickly understand that money can get you things, but beyond that – how to manage it, how to plan and make it work for you, let alone the quagmire of what credit is, and how it works – is akin to being set out to sea in a fog, with one paddle and no compass. It’s so easy to demystify through the use simple of language, which is exactly what EOTO does – and it’s so rewarding to see our workshop attendees “getting” it.

Vicky Stoeckle
EOTO Trainer & Financial Services Officer at
Bayview Credit Union

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